ICS Triton MK4 (Discontinued)


The ICS Triton Mk4 6v ice and drinks dispenser is a high-performance,
compact and energy efficient ice maker/dispenser with the ability
to mount up to 6 beverage dispense valves all within a width of 475mm. 

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ICS Triton MK4 Ice Dispenser

This product has now been discontinued; however we still supply spares for all old models. Please contact us if you need a specific spare part for your ice machine.

The ICS Triton Mk4 builds on the reputation of previous Tritons for outstanding reliability and long life. The adoption of an HC refrigerant ensures the Triton Mk4 is both environmentally responsible and future proof, using R290 (Care 40) refrigerant.

Key Features

Compressed chunklet ice, 90% true ice with “easy clean” drip tray

Ice capacity to cope with the busiest QSR lunch time ice demand on the hottest summer days

Mounts up to 6 beverage dispense valves (choice of valve) operating independently of ice machine

Illuminated capacitive touch ice dispensing eliminates manual levers as a possible source of cross contamination

Unique bearing design ensures long life and eliminates specialist tools to access major components

Major ice making components auger, evaporator and extrusion head all food grade stainless steel

ICS Triton Mk4 Benefits

Ventilation clearance

Allow additional 75mm clearance to top and rear, note base ventilated.

Beverage dispenser

Soda recirculation manifold in all Jonn Guest components. Armaflex insulated and aluminium foil wrapped. Connecting python MDP by Valpar Industrial Ltd.

Water supply

Supplied 1 meter 1⁄4 inch John Guest tubing complete with in line check valve and terminated with John Guest 1⁄2 inch BSP adaptor. Connect to 15-80 psig potable water supply terminated with 1⁄2 inch BSP compression stop-cock. Do not use with an artificially softened water supply.

Optional water treatment filter kit available complete with fittings part number FR008.


Supplied 1.5 meter 1⁄3 inch flexible drainage hose to typically 35mm OD “P” trapped mains drainage upstand. Alternatively drain to an optional under counter sealed drainage tank. Call for details. 

Power supply

Supplied 1.5 meter power cord with 13 amp fused plug top to  240/1/50 power supply. Running current 3.5 amp.

Beverage python

Supplied with 1 meter long base entry beverage python ready connected to valve manifold. Colour coded syrup lines. 

Working tolerances
  • Ambient temperature 10-35°c.
  • Water supply temperature 10-35°c.
  • Water supply pressure 15-80 psig.
  • Voltage tolerance 230v + 10% – 6%

ICS Triton Mk4 Technical Specifications

Ice typeHard compressed chunklet 90% true ice content
Ice output125kg/24 hrs @ 21°C air/15 °C water
Ice storage6.4kg
Ice vends in peak hr100 x 100g/ cup @ 21 deg C air/15 deg C water
Ice/water vend methodCapacitive touch, illuminated. White illuminated vend area
Powdered ice dispenseSpeeds up ice dispense and preserves ice quality
Dimensions (w x d x h)W475 x D636 x H786mm
Weight (Net)54kg
Power supply220-230v/1/50Hz
Running current & fuse sizeRunning current 3.5 amps. Fuse size 13 amp
Energy consumption (21°C Air/15°C water)4.5 kwh per 100 lb (45.4 kg) ice
Refrigerant charge weight90 grams
Evaporation / Auger & extrusion head materialsAll stainless steel 304

ICS Triton Mk4 Documentation

Specification Documents
ICS Triton MK4 Coca Cola Data Sheet


Data sheet


ICS Triton MK4 Pepsi Data Sheet


Data sheet


ICS Triton MK4 Installation guide


Installation guide


Need Help?

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