Refurbished Catering Equipment

Are you looking to refurbish your ice machine, slushy machine or ice cream machine?  We offer a comprehensive refurbishment service to get your machine working as good as new. We also stock refurbished catering equipment for a fraction of the RRP.


Refurbished Catering Equipment

Is your old ice machine, slushy machine, or ice cream machine in need of some TLC? At Ice Cool Servicing we offer a complete refurbishment service that will give your machine a new lease of life! We also have a steady stream of refurbished catering equipment avilable to buy, so you can purchase a like new machine for a fraction of the RRP cost!

Our Comprehensive Refurbished Catering Equipment Service Includes:

Ice machine servicing


We will thoroughly service your machine, ensuring that every component is inspected and properly maintained.

Ice machine servicing


Our technicians will clean and sanitise all parts of your machine to remove any dirt, debris, or buildup that may be affecting its performance.

Ice machine servicing


If any parts of your machine are worn out or damaged, we can replace them for an additional fee. Our extensive stock of genuine spare parts ensures high-quality replacements.

Why Refurbish Your Existing Catering Equipment?

Ice machine servicing


Refurbishing your existing machine can save you a significant amount of money compared to purchasing a brand-new one. Our refurbishment service is a cost-effective solution that extends the lifespan of your machine.


Ice machine servicing


If you have already invested in an ice machine, slushy machine, or ice cream machine, refurbishing it allows you to protect and maximize your initial investment. By bringing your old machine back to top performance, you can continue to benefit from its capabilities without the need for a complete replacement

Ice machine servicing


Refurbishing your machine ensures that it continues to produce high-quality and consistent results. Whether you need ice for beverages, slushies, or delicious ice cream treats, a refurbished machine will deliver the same great performance it did when it was new.


Ice machine servicing


Choosing to refurbish your machine demonstrates your commitment to sustainability. By extending the life of your existing equipment, you contribute to reducing electronic waste and preserving valuable resources.



Refurbished Catering Equipment Service

At Ice Cool Servicing, we make the refurbishment process convenient and hassle-free for you. We offer free collection and delivery within a 50-mile radius of SO40 9LR. If you are located elsewhere in the UK, a collection fee may apply. Our team of experienced technicians will ensure your machine is carefully transported to our facility, refurbished to the highest standards, and returned to you in optimal condition.

We will also upgrade your water filter system, which will help to improve the quality and flavor of your ice by reducing
limescale and contaminants.

Give your old ice machine, slushy machine, or ice cream machine a second chance – contact us today to schedule a refurbishment service! 

Looking To Buy a Refurbished Ice Machine?

Are you looking to purchase a refurbished ice machine?  We have a steady stream of high-quality refurbished ice machines from a range of top brands, including Follet, ICS, Scotsman, Ice-o-matic, Manitowoc and Hoshizaki. These machines are meticulously cleaned and sanitised to be as good as new, offering exceptional performance at a fraction of the cost. For an additional fee, we even offer the option to upgrade some parts to brand new ones, ensuring optimal functionality.

Our refurbished machines are thoroughly cleaned inside and out, and come with a full service, guaranteeing their reliability and longevity. We go the extra mile by offering installation services anywhere in the UK, making it convenient for businesses to seamlessly introduce their new ice machines.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of responsible disposal. Disposing of old ice machines can be a challenge, especially due to the hazardous waste involved, such as the gas within the machines. In the UK, proper disposal of gas is strictly regulated to protect the environment and human health. As certified members of REFCOM, we must adhere to the strict F-Gas safety standards, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly process.

Need Help?

Are you unsure what ice machine is best for your business needs or budget? Call us on 01869 247947 and our experienced team will listen to your requirements and provide the best recommendations for you. Alternatively, visit our Contact Us page to send an online enquiry. 

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