The Ultimate Ice Machine Servicing Plan


We offer a comprehensive ice machine servicing and repair package carried out by experienced, skilled and compliant engineers. Our aim is to provide a first-time fix, reducing any disruption to the business, and improving product output. 


Comprehensive Ice Machine Servicing Plan

We understand the critical role that your ice machine plays in your business operations. With our experience in offering comprehensive ice machine servicing and maintenance solutions, we have gained an excellent reputation for quality service delivery for customers in industries that most rely on ice including restaurants, bars & pubs, healthcare facilities, hotels, supermarkets, fishmongers, fisheries, service stations, and many more.

We are also offering a monthly PPM maintenance plan, so you can spread the cost of servicing and repair throughout the year. You’ll also recieve discount off parts and labour, depending on the level you select. There are three plans available. Gold, silver and bronze. Enquire today to find out what’s included, and how much you could save.

First Time Fix Ice Machine Servicing Solutions

Our engineers have well-stocked vans with genuine manufacturer parts, meaning they can usually carry out ice machine servicing and repairs on a first-time fix basis. The only time this may not occur is when dealing with F-Gas Refrigerant. We try to minimise any disruption to your business and get you back up and running quickly and efficiently. It also helps to reduce our carbon footprint with fewer visits to your site.

We are also compliant with the latest health and safety certifications, and all engineers hold a CSCS card. 

The Importance Of Ice Machine Servicing

There are several reasons why you should have regular ice machine servicing, including:

Extends Lifespan Of Ice Machine

Prevent premature wear and tear, reduce the risk of breakdowns and prolong the lifespan of your machine.

Better Quality Ice Production

Ensure the production of clean and high-quality ice.

Energy Efficiency

A well-maintained ice machine operates more efficiently, reducing your energy costs and maximising performance.


Depending on your industry, ensure you are compliant with industry regulations and safety standards.

24/7 Call Out

We have a specialist emergency call-out service which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This gives you the reassurance that if your machine breaks down, then we can get it back up and running as quickly as possible. Please contact us for more information and pricing. 

Spare Parts

We supply spare parts for most ice machines from thermostats, water pumps and circuit boards to sensors and water valves. We don’t just sell parts, we also sell accessories such as scoops and water filters too. We can also source parts and accessories for most ice machine and water dispenser brands. 


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Planned, Preventative, Maintenance Ice Machine Servicing

We provide “Planned, Preventative, Maintenance” (PPM) solutions for your ice machines, ensuring that they are always in excellent working condition. Our PPM agreement includes regular on-site visits by our expert technicians to inspect, clean and service your ice machine to reduce downtime. 

Planned maintenance with 24/7 call out will ensure the reliability of your ice machine system and help prevent problems from occurring. It’s a proactive approach to maintenance as it’s designed to avoid failures and unexpected costs.

Ice machine servicing

Improved Equipment Life

The primary aim of PPM is to enhance the productivity of your ice machine by ensuring equipment is running efficiently and for longer. This eliminates the premature replacement of equipment and systems.

Ice machine servicing

Improved Workplace Safety

The highest levels of safety in the workplace can only be achieved when equipment is working, and in the best condition possible. There is also a potential to reduce insurance premiums, as well-maintained equipment and buildings are considered safer.

Ice machine servicing

Circumvent Large Scale Repairs

PPM prevents the accumulation of small problems leading into larger ones. This is because parts or equipment components in need of repair are noticed during maintenance checks. This reduces the risk of failure which could cost your business time, and money.

Ice machine servicing

Reduced Overhead Costs

PPM enhances the longevity of equipment, therefore reducing costs on replacement parts. It can also reduce energy costs as equipment in good condition often consumes less power. Highly efficient equipment enables the company to increase profits.

Ice machine servicing

Improved Work Scheduling

Emergency and reactive maintenance often takes time to arrange and causes disruption to the business, whereas PPM can support in the prevention of this by having scheduled maintenance plans, rather than working on a reactive basis.

Ice machine servicing

Decreased Equipment Downtime

When equipment is operating at its maximum efficiency and no faults occur, it improves equipment output and reduces any downtime. In turn, this increases the productivity of the company.

Need Help?

Are you unsure what ice machine is best for your business needs or budget? Call us on 01869 247947 and our experienced team will listen to your requirements and provide the best recommendations for you. Alternatively, visit our Contact Us page to send an online enquiry. 

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