Improve the taste of the ice your ice machine makes

Discover the ultimate water filter kit designed to keep your ice machines running smoothly and producing the cleanest ice possible.


Revolutionise Your Ice Machine’s Performance

Impurities found in water can negatively affect ice production. The presence of odours and dirt can contaminate the ice, resulting in an undesirable appearance and compromise its overall quality. Moreover, these impurities can lead to deposits forming and potentially causing equipment failure and incurring costly maintenance expenses. 

Our Advanced Water Kit Filtration Solution

To address the issues associated with water quality, we offer highly effective water filters that serve as a solution to these challenges. Our filters are designed to mitigate the negative effects of impurities, thereby ensuring optimal ice production.


Reducing Chlorine Levels

Our filters effectively reduce chlorine in water, resulting in improved taste and odor for both the water supply and ice production.

Eliminating Off-Tastes and Odours

By efficiently filtering the water supply, our filters eliminate any unpleasant tastes or odours that may be present, ensuring that the ice remains fresh and free from unwanted flavours.

Minimising Contamination

 Our filters remove dirt, rust, and other impurities, minimising the risk of contamination in the ice. This helps maintain its quality and appearance, providing a superior end product.

Pure Water for Ice Production

With our filters in place, you can be confident that only the purest water is used for ice production. This safeguards against equipment failure caused by impurities, ensuring consistent performance and reducing the need for unplanned maintenance. 

Key Features of Our Water Filter Kit

Consistent Ice

Our filters improve the taste and appearance of ice, ensuring a consistent and high-quality product that meets customer expectations. 

Increased Equipment Life

The removal of impurities by our filters reduces the risk of equipment failure and prolongs the lifespan of your ice production equipment.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

By producing clean and great-tasting ice consistently, our filters help enhance customer satisfaction, leading to repeat business and positive reviews.

Choosing The Right Water Filter Kit

Need Help?

Are you unsure what filter kit is required for your machine? Call us on 01869 247947 and our experienced team will listen to your requirements and provide the best recommendations for you. Alternatively, visit our Contact Us page to send an online enquiry. 

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