Invest in a monthly ice machine maintenance plan. When you own a business that relies on an ice machine, it is crucial to keep it well-maintained to ensure it is always running efficiently. Regular maintenance by a trained engineer can help prevent breakdowns, extend the life of your machine, and ensure the quality and safety of your ice. That’s why it’s important to invest in an ice machine maintenance plan.


We understand the importance of keeping your ice machine operating efficiently year-round. That’s why we offer comprehensive monthly ice machine maintenance plans designed to ensure your machine stays in top condition. Our maintenance plans not only include regular servicing and cleaning but also cover any necessary repairs or replacements to prevent unexpected breakdowns. To make it even easier for our customers, we provide the option to spread the cost of the maintenance plan over the year, allowing you to budget effectively while enjoying peace of mind knowing your ice machine is well taken care of. With our maintenance plans, you can rest assured that your machine will continue to deliver high-quality ice for your business without any hassle.



Price depends on the make and model of the ice machine – price shown is for reference only.


Regular maintenance, including cleaning, inspection, and calibration, is essential for ensuring that your ice machines operate at their peak performance levels. Our monthly maintenance plan covers comprehensive checks and adjustments that optimise efficiency and extend the lifespan of your equipment. This includes cleaning all components, including ice bins, filters, evaporators, and condenser coils, to prevent the build-up of mineral deposits and mold that can compromise performance. By removing dirt and debris, our maintenance plan guarantees efficient airflow, which promotes optimal cooling and ice production rates.



Clean, descale and sanitise

Clean and unblock the condenser, as well as descale the auger, ice tray, thermostat and water reservoir assembly.

Replace water filter

Replace the water filter and date water filter housing.

Check all internal parts

Check internal waterways for leaks and blocks,

Check electrical parts

Check all electrical wiring for damage / loose connections.

Carry out safety check

Check and ajust safety circuits, check all panels are secure and check ice machine is safe to use.

Run a production test

Carry out a production test and discard ice.

Refcom gas certified


We are committed to providing high standards for the services we provide our customers. To ensure standards are met, we adhere to the rules as set out by industry-leading governing bodies such as Refcom F-Gas company certificate and SafeContractor Accreditation.  To see our full list of certifications and accrediciations, click the button below. 


Minimised downtime and repairs

Unplanned breakdowns and repairs can be costly and disruptive to your business. With our monthly ice machine maintenance plan, you can significantly reduce the chances of unexpected malfunctions. Our team of skilled engineers will carry out two routine inspections per year and identify any potential issues before they escalate into major problems. By addressing minor glitches and malfunctions promptly, we prevent breakdowns and minimize the risk of equipment downtime.


Cost effective parts replacement

Over time, ice machine components can wear out or become damaged. With regular ice machine maintenance, we can identify and replace these components long before they lead to system failures. Our monthly maintenance plan includes discounts off parts replacement, ensuring that you receive high-quality replacements at competitive prices, potentially avoiding unexpected expenses associated with emergency repairs.


Access to skilled engineers

By subscribing to our monthly ice machine maintenance plan, you gain access to a team of expert engineers who have in-depth knowledge of ice machine systems. Our technicians are factory-trained and experienced in handling various brands and models of ice machines. Through regular maintenance visits, our engineers can identify potential issues early on and provide necessary repairs or recommendations to prevent more serious breakdowns.


Reduced energy consumption

Efficiently running ice machines can lead to substantial energy savings. Neglected or poorly maintained machines can consume more energy than necessary due to increased strain on the system and reduced cooling efficiency. With regualr ice machine maintenance, you can optimise performance, reduce energy consumption, and subsequently lower your energy bills.


Discounted upgrades

Over time, ice machines may become outdated or inefficient. Our maintenance plan not only ensures the longevity of your equipment but also keeps you informed about new models in the industry. Our experienced technicians can provide expert advice on when it might be time to upgrade to a new and more energy-efficient machine. As a loyal maintenance plan subscriber, you will be eligible for exclusive discounts on new machines, offering significant savings when the time comes to replace your existing equipment.



Are you unsure what ice machine maintenance plan is best for your business needs or budget? Call us on 01869 247947 and our experienced team will listen to your requirements and provide the best recommendations for you. Alternatively, visit our Contact Us page to send an online enquiry. 

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