Hoshizaki FM-300AKE-HC-SB 


This Hoshizaki FM-300AKE-HC-SB is a self contained flake ice maker
producing up to 300 kg of high-quality flake ice per 24 hours.

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Hoshizaki FM-300AKE-HC-SB Ice Machines

Hoshizaki FM ice makers generate quality granular ice, such as flake ice. The light texture of granular ice has a quick cooling effect, creating an environment of uniform temperatures, without causing unpleasant freezer-burn. This is why Hoshizaki flake ice is highly popular and considered the ideal material to prepare and layer hygienic and attractive food displays.

Key Features

Energy efficient, with savings of 12.2% compared to HFC equivalent model

Produces either Flake or Nugget
(-N) ice

 Members of the Emerald Class, Hoshizaki’s new range of climate friendly ice makers

Can produce up to 300kg of ice (flake) and 250kg (nugget) per 24 hours (AT.10°C.WT.10°C)

Flake ice applications: food processing, fish and fresh produce display, organ transportation in medical arena

The FM-300AKE-HC-SB is a modular ice maker, which utilise Natural Refrigerant R290

Hoshizaki FM-300AKE-HC-SB Benefits

Nugget ice applications

Packaged produce display (bottled beverages andfood) and as key ingredient in beverages.

Efficient ice making process

Efficient ice making process due to Hoshizaki’s unique FM auger system. Utilises all water brought into the machine; therefore water consumption is equal to ice production.

Auger is made of double hardened stainless steel
  • Combined with carbon bearings, they work optimally in a tough and wet environment.
  • Benefits include: longer product life expectancy and reduced maintenance costs.
Electronically controlled

Electronically controlled to ensure an optimised ice making process under varying circumstances without the need for physical adjustments. Quality of ice is always consistent.

No more 'freeze-burn'

Main characteristic of Hoshizaki’s Flake ice is that ‘freeze- burn’ is prevented when displaying fresh fish or produce.

Unique technology

The inner workings of Flakers is designed to prevent unpleasant calcification and bacterial contamination. For example, the use of carbon graphite bushings instead of conventional ball bearings allows the machine to work entirely without grease.  

Smart design

Like all Hoshizaki Ice makers, the FM-300AKE-HC-SB is designed to last and comes with smart design extras, such as the intuitive control display for preventive maintenance.

Perfect fit

With outside dimensions W x D x H of 560 x 700 x 780 mm,  the FM-300AKE-HC-SB is compact and is a perfect fit for small spaces.  

Plug and play

The smart plug-and-play design guarantees an easy and quick set-up.

Hoshizaki FM-300AKE-HC-SB Technical Specification

Product TitleFlaker, Modular, HC
Production capacity (kg/24h)
Electric connection1/220 - 240V/50Hz
Electric consumption (kW)0.9
Outside dimensions WxDxH (mm)560 x 700 x 780
Ice typeFlake
Cooling systemAir cooled
Product configurationModular
Net weight (kg)81
Gross weight packed
Corresponding bin(s)B140SA, B210SA, B340SA

Hoshizaki FM-300AKE-HC-SB Documentation

Specification Documents
Hoshizaki FM-300AKE-HC-SB specification

Hoshizaki FM-300AKE-HC-SB specification document


Hoshizaki FM-300AKE-HC-SB dimensions

Hoshizaki FM-300AKE-HC-SB technical drawings and dimensions


Hoshizaki FM-300AKE-HC-SB instruction manual

Hoshizaki FM-300AKE-HC-SB end user instruction manual


Hoshizaki FM-300AKE-HC-SB declaration of conformity

Hoshizaki FM-300AKE-HC-SB declaration of conformity document


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