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Follet E7 Ice MachineFollett Symphony Plus E12 counter
ModelE7 SeriesE12 Symphony
DesciriptionThe Follett E7 Series countertop is the only ice and water dispenser specifically designed to fit underneath overhead cabinets. This dispenser produces 54.4 kg (125 lbs) of consumer-preferred Chewblet® ice per day, while holding 3 kg (7 lbs) of ice in storage, ideal for a 25-30 person work group.The Follett Symphony Plus E12 series features the industry’s most compact footprint for a 193 kg (425 lb) per day ice and water dispenser and is designed for enhanced sanitation, cleaning, and serviceability. It offers automatic, self-flushing to remove impurities as well as semi-automatic cleaning and sanitising to reduce service time to one hour.

Daily Ice Production125 lbs per 24hr388 lbs per 24hr
Ice TypeChewbletChewblet
Size44.7 x 37.1 56.2cm82.5 x 40.9 x 59.7 cm
RefrigerantR134aR290 / R449a
Energy Consumption7.1 kWh per 45.4 kg ice6 kWh per 45.4 kg ice
OtherEasy installUses 15% less energy and 40% less water than other models
LinkFollett E7 Series countertop dispensersSymphony Plus E12 Series dispensers


Follett Horizon 1010 commercial ice machines
ModelHorizon 1010/1410
DesciriptionThe Follett Horizon Elite 1010/1410 series ice machines are the successor of the Horizon 1000 series. Its design dramatically reduces scale build-up and the associated costs of scale mitigation, all while using 35-50% less water than comparable cube-type ice machines.
Daily Ice Production1450lbs per 24hr
Ice TypeChewblet and Micro Chewblet
Size74 x 59.1 x 57.2cm / 74 x 67.9 x 57.2cm)
Weight265 / 296kg
RefrigerantR404a / R449a
Energy Consumption4.8 kWh air cooled /
2.4 kWh / 3.8 kWh per 45.4kg water cooled
OtherAir and water cooled. Compatible with ice storage bins
LinkFollett Horizon Elite 1010/1410


Hoshizaki FM-300AKEHoshizaki FM-480AKE commercial ice machinesManitowoc Indigo NXT iT1200C
BrandHoshiazaki HoshizakiManitowoc
Model300 AKE480 AKEIt1200
DesciriptionThe Hoshizaki FM-300AKE-HC-SB is a self-contained flake ice maker producing up to 300 kg of high-quality flake ice per 24 hours. The light texture of flake ice has a quick cooling effect, creating an environment of uniform temperatures, without causing unpleasant freezer burn.The Hoshizaki FM-480AKE-HC-SB is a self-contained flake ice machine producing up to 450 kg of high-quality flake ice per 24 hours. It is electronically controlled to ensure an optimised ice-making process under varying circumstances without the need for physical adjustments, allowing the quality of ice to always be consistent.The Indigo NXT series ice machine is designed to run preventative diagnostics by continually monitoring itself for reliable ice production. It has a unique patented technology which provides a more reliable operation in challenging water conditions and environments. Some models now come with an Easytouch® display, taking the guesswork out of owning and operating an ice machine.
Daily Ice Production661lbs per 24hr992lbs per 24hrUp to 1152lbs per 24hr
Ice TypeFlake / NuggetFlake / NuggetDice / Half Dice
Size56 x 70 x 78 cm56 x 70 x 78 cm76.2 x 62.2 x 74.9cm
Weight81kg92kgUp to 236kg
Energy Consumption0.9 kWh per 45.4 kg ice1.1k kWh per 45.4 kg ice4.10 kWh - 4.8 kWh per 45.4kg ice
LinkHoshizaki FM-300AKE-HC-SBHoshizaki FM-480AKE-HC-SBManitowoc Indigo NXT Series iT1200 Ice Cube Machine


Follett ITS bin
DesciriptionThe Follett ITS ice storage and transport bins use gravity to dispense ice, dramatically reducing the chance of human contact with ice by eliminating the need to scoop and carry it. Operators can easily dispense up to 240 lbs of ice in seconds and transport it easily with the SmartCART240.

Daily Ice ProductionUp to 3255lbs per 24hr
Ice TypeCube, flake and Chewblet
W: 78.7 - 228.6cm
H: 152.4 - 246.4cm
D: 101.6 cm

W: 62.2cm
H: 91cm
D: 105.4cm
WeightUp to 521kg
OtherHolds up to 4600 lb of ice
LinkFollett ITS Ice Storage and Transport SystemHoshizaki FM-300AKE-HC-SB


We supply spare parts for most Follett ice making machines from thermostats, water pumps and circuit boards to sensors and water valves. We don’t just sell parts, we also sell accessories such as scoops and water filters too. We can also source parts and accessories for most ice machine and water dispenser brands. 

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There are a number of different types of ice that commercial ice machines can produce including cubed, nugget, flake, gourmet and more.  Each type of ice shape offers different benefits depending upon its application. Learn more about the various types of ice that Follett, Hoshizaki and Manitowoc ice machines produce. 

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